Face Bark

Face Bark


Want a hilarious gift for a friend, loved one or fur child? You can customise our white chocolate bark with up to 3 faces of your choosing. Simply upload your photos (make sure the faces are clear and unobstructed for the best result) and leave the rest to us!! There's no need to cut the faces out as we will do this on our end, work them into a pattern. Please note we only print onto white chocolate, as it provides the clearest result.

The bark comes in a clear bag filled with approximately 130g of chocolate cut into 4 rectangular shards.

P.S. Donald Trump is not my friend, loved one or fur child.

Please ensure that you've completely uploaded your images at the time of check-out. We've had some problems with image upload due to the influx of orders, but we'll send you an email if there are any issues with your order. The turnaround time is approximately 3-4 working days + time for shipping. We highly recommend pick-up from our store in St Leonards as we take no responsibility for meltage in transit (Aussie weather sucks for chocolate). If selecting store pick-up on check-out, please note that we will contact you when your order is ready for collection!

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