Single Origin Blocks

Single Origin Blocks


Most of the chocolate that we eat is made up of a blend of beans from several different countries! Our single origin blocks use chocolate sourced from plantations that exist within a single country. This results in a more unique flavour profile because of the different growing conditions in which the beans are grown—a little bit like coffee! We currently have 12 types, including 3 milk chocolates and 9 dark chocolates!

Tasting Notes

Arriba: Intense milk chocolate, hints of hazelnut and slightly fruity

Vanuatu: A bouquet of aromas suggestive of hazelnuts, coffee, cooked milk and caramel.

Peru: A fleeting hint of citrus, some blackberry and cherry notes and a warm finish of fresh almonds and toasted dry fruits.

Mexique: Spicy and woody notes, with a hint of liquorice

Madagascar: Explicit yet rounded cocoa taste, notes of raspberries and bilberries

Sao Thome: Rich tasting chocolate with flavour peaks of red and yellow fruits

Ecuador: Typical Latin-American character, fruity combined with coffee and rum notes

Venezuela: The perfect balance of a powerful cocoa taste and intense woody notes

Vietnam: A strong acid cocoa taste, enriched with notes of citrus, wood and tobacco.

Uganda: A gorgeous taste of hummus and mushrooms, accompanied by the most understated acid cocoa and smoked cocoa flavours.

NB: Chocolates are best stored in a cool, dark and dry place and should never be placed in the refrigerator! Improper storage can affect the texture and taste of the chocolates. Please use your own discretion when ordering for postage during the hotter seasons, as we do not take responsibility for any melting due to the weather. If you're unsure, and are able to collect we generally advise pick-up or same day delivery (Sydney CBD only) over express post.

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