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At Bakedown, we believe that sweet treats should play a part in making everyday special—both for you and the ones that you love!

Bakedown Cakery began in 2015 as a seed of an idea, run by Jen—a designer by trade with years of 'procrastibaking' under her belt. Being a self-taught baker, Jen decided to undertake several courses taught by some of the world's best pastry and chocolate artisans.  Since then, it has grown into something more than she could have ever imagined with the first Bakedown Cakery shop opening in late 2017. In 2019, the business began an exciting chapter, leaving “cake roots” behind to focus on developing the best artisan chocolate range possible.

Our chocolates are made using premium quality couverture chocolate from Belgium and France, along with a variety of single origin chocolates including Madagascar, Sao Thome, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic to name a few.

Compared to some popular chocolate brands that you might find in the supermarket, all of our chocolate contains high quality ingredients—meaning that we don't substitute the good stuff with things like vegetable (often unsustainable palm) oil and exorbitant amounts of sugar. The difference is evident in the taste and texture of all of our products.

We go through a rigorous tasting process to ensure that all of the chocolates that we use are ones that we'd love to eat ourselves. All of our bonbons are hand made with love in small batches to ensure maximum freshness, using local Australian produce, fruit purees from France, and top-notch freeze-dried fruit from New Zealand.

A lot of our flavours are inspired by Jen's experiences growing up around the world along with her Malaysian Chinese cultural heritage.