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The Bakedown Philosophy

Are you after something a little bit nice and just a little bit naughty? You've certainly come to the right place! Here at Bakedown, we believe that sweet treats should play a part in making everyday special—both for you and the ones that you love!

We're super passionate about the flavours we create and want to share our passion with you too! As avid believers in “what you put in is exactly what you get out”, we only ever use the best quality ingredients we can get our hot little mitts on! 

We're so thrilled that you stopped by—we're having such a wild ride getting to know you, bringing your amazing cake dreams to life.


About Jen

My name is Jen: designer, avid baker and merriment maker! My two big dreams in life were to be an animator and to own my own little bakery. Having worked in the motion graphics/animation industry for a while, I hit a crucial turning point in my career, where I decided it was time to combine these two passions! Bakedown Cakery was born and has since been a great creative outlet, letting me channel both my design skills and love for baking.

I've been running Bakedown since 2015, and have made hundreds of cakes for wonderful people all over Sydney, and chocolates that are currently stocked nationally across Australia!


We've had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing brands over the past couple of years, and the results have been some of our favourite projects to date! We've worked with Mimco, Kate Spade, Alice McCall, Arnott's Tim Tam, Maxwell & Williams, Disney Pixar, NewsCorp, Fossil Group, Pandora, Seed Heritage, Mecca Maxima, Dermalogica and Frankie Magazine. and Forman Brown just to name a few. If you've got something in mind for a launch of a new season or a client gift, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email to for a custom quote!

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Our background in design allows us to offer our customers something a little something extra! We offer an optional add-on of a custom designed laser cut topper for all cakes purchased with us. Base prices start at $50 for a custom design in a standard material like black or white perspex and range up to $70 for materials like silver/gold mirror, neon perspex and premium glitter ranges. We encourage you to make these as personal as you like, or if you like, more generic so that you can re-use them year after year!

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Follow us on Instagram @bakedowncakery AND FACEBOOK /BAKEDOWNCAKERY for more!